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Hinchman Archives at Marshall University

Information Regarding Submitting Paperwork to the Hinchman Archives

When the Hinchman Heritage Society was first formed we thought it better to submit papers to our own archivist who would then keep and index of items submitted and then that person would take them to the University. Very few have submitted paperwork for handling. The Special Collections Department is eagerly awaiting from us paperwork for filing.

So many have computers now, and with interest growing each year, it will be easier to mail papers directly to the Special Collections Department. The sender will receive an acknowledgment that the paper was received when submitted by mail. They will sort, index and file the papers so it will be easy for them to find an item or information when someone is seeking certain information.

They do not make copies of your original papers to return them to you, so make a copy for your files. A copy is acceptable for their files so you may keep the original if you so wish.

They do not accept bulky items like badges, belt buckles, swords, weapons, rings, etc. as they have no accommodations for that type of family keepsake. You may send pictures, photos, (unframed) etc. properly identified.

Any kind of paperwork is acceptable, for example, old deeds, land grants, newspaper articles regarding Hinchman, marriage licenses, etc. All items submitted should concern the Hinchman family, not your friends or neighbors.

They also want individual genealogy records sheets, so get your family genealogy papers together and mail them. Be sure to give them enough information for them to connect it with the proper ancestor (if you have enough to give them). For example: Wavel, daughter of Robert, son of Wesley, son of William III, son of William II, son of William I who first appeared in the 1790 Census of the State of Virginia. These sheets will be of valuable use to future generations who might just need that bit of information. Our generation was in that boat when we first started to search the past —- and look what we found!

Excerpts from books regarding Hinchmans are acceptable and will be filed. However, already published books will be filed on a library shelf and will be properly identified as having been donated by the Hinchman Heritage Society.

If you wish to visit the Special Collections Department, please call ahead for a convenient time to visit (304-696-2343). Mr. Lisle Brown or one of his assistants will be glad to talk with you. Also, if you wish to submit an item in person follow the same procedure, call ahead.

If you want to review items already on file call ahead. If it requires a lot of searching they might have it ready for you when you arrive.

Any call by telephone that would require a lot of time to find could involve a fee for the time involved. Time involved could probably be determined at the beginning of the call. They might also be able to do research for quite a lot of information for you for a fee. Fees aren’t exorbitant but their working time is to be considered.

They try to index and file papers as soon as possible after receiving them. (Lets hope we can accumulate a lot of important information regarding family histories.)

Regarding donations: We can also donate money earmarked for the Hinchman Archives by addressing the remittance: For Hinchman Heritage Society #637, Special Collections Dept.

We have been assigned an I.D. number. Use it on all paperwork you submit and also on the envelope in which you mail it:

Marshall University, Attn: Special Collections Dept., MU-SCD #637, Mr. Lisle Brown,
400 Hall Greer Blvd., Huntington, WV 25755.
E-mail: [email protected]