Hinchman Trivia


1. Who was the Bishop of London in 1663?

Humphrey Henchman, the remarkable descendant of Thomas Crosborough Henchman of Northamptonshire, England, was the Bishop of London. Bishop Henchman lived during turbulent times in 17th century England – Rebellion, Plague, and Fire. Bishop Henchman’s involvement in aiding the escape of King Charles II is detailed in Richard Ollard’s book – The Escape of Charles H. A portrait of Bishop Henchman by Sir Peter Lely is included in this book. Bishop Henchman died October 7, 1675 and is buried in All Saints’ Fulham Parish Church in London, England.


2. Who was the first Hinchman to settle in Boston, MA in 1637?

According to Frederick G. Mather’s book The Refugees of 1776, Edmond Hinchman, the son of Thomas and Ann Griffith Henchman of Northamptonshire, England, came to Boston in 1637 with Rev. John Fiske. After Edmond’s death, his widow Elizabeth married Rev. Fiske.


3. Who was the Henchman ancestor of an American president?

Several genealogical writers trace the roots of John Quincy Adams through his mother’s family to Joanna Henchman Hoar of Northamptonshire, England and Braintree, MA.


4. Who was the president of Harvard who resigned in 1675?

Leonard Hoar, grandson of Joanna Henchman Hoar, was president from 1672 until 1675. In July 1674, President Hoar led the College in prayer before and after a student was “publicly whipped for speaking blasphemous words concerning the Holy Ghost.” Students retaliated by leaving the college and there was only one graduate in 1674. Harvard Magazine.


5. Who printed the first Bible in the American Colonies?

According to William Baxter’s book Daniel Henchman: Colonial Bookseller, Daniel Henchman, a wealthy publisher and book seller in Boston, printed an unauthorized copy of the Bible. “Only holders of royal patents were allowed to print {The Bible] so to avoid prosecution Henchman imported special paper and type from London and then in 1749 prepared an exact copy.”


6. What is the relationship of John Hancock, the first signer of the Declaration of Independence, to the Hinchman family?

John Hancock was the nephew of Thomas Hancock and his wife Lydia Henchman. Lydia, the only child of Daniel Henchman, the wealthy book seller, was the beneficiary of his large estate. William Baxter relates in his book the following: “Thomas Hancock died shortly after Henchman, and in this way most of the latter’s estate passed into the hands of Governor John Hancock, and may ultimately have been spent in furthering the American cause during the Revolution.”


7. Who were the Hinchmans who served in the Revolutionary War?

Nathaniel Henchman, Pvt., Col. Mansfield’s Reg, Massachusetts troops; Benjamin Hinchman of Pennsylvania, patriot; James Hinchman of New Jersey, public service; Dr. John Hinchman of New Jersey, physician; Joseph Hinchman of New York, public service; and Robert Hinchman of New York, public service are listed as having served in the Revolution.


8. Who are the four Hinchman brothers who settled in Indiana in the early 1800s?

Andrew, James, and John settled in Rush County, Indiana about 1820. Sometime before 1840 their brother Joseph and their brother William’s son Andrew arrived in Rush County.


9. Who are the four Hinchman brothers and their sister who settled in Michigan about 1840?

Cyrus, Hiram, Milton, John K., and Amanda, children of William and Mary Ann Perry Hinchman of Logan County, Virginia (now West Virginia), settled in Michigan in the early 1800s. Cyrus, Hiram, and Milton settled in Berrien County and John K. and his sister Amanda Hinchman Clendenin in Cass County. The community of Hinchman, Michigan is located in Berrien County.


10. Who was the town of Man, West Virginia named?

The town of Man, WV was named for Dr. Ulysses S. Hinchman. According to Robert Spence’s article in the Logan, West Virginia Banner, “They were going to call the place Hinchman, … but then they thought that name was too long, … (s) they just called in Man.


11. Who was the sixty-year-old civilian prisoner of war taken from West Virginia to Salisbury prison during the Civil War?

William Hinchman’s fate was much different from that of his brothers Cyrus, Hiram, Milton, John K., and Ulysses. A few weeks after the death of his twenty-year-old son John, William was captured by the Confederates. According to The Ironton Register dated 11-21-1861, William was taken prisoner during the Battle of Guyandotte. Louis A. Brown’s The Salisbury Prison confirms that William Hinchman, of Cabell Co., VA, was among the civilians held at the prison on July 29th, 1862.


12. Who was the Hinchman from Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania who settled in Randolph Co., Virginia (West Virginia) in the mid 1800s?

Joseph Hinchman and his wife Caroline Riffle are the ancestors of many descendants in West Virginia, Ohio, and other states. On 5-6-1862, Joseph enrolled in the Union Army at Glenville Co., Virginia and was discharged three years later.


13. Who are the two Hinchman brothers who played major league baseball? Harry and William Hinchman played professional baseball in the early 1900s.

Harry played second base for Cleveland in 1907. Bill played out-field, short-stop; and first, second, and third bases for Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh from 1905 to 1920. After breaking his leg, Bill Hinchman became a Columbus, Ohio manager and Pittsburgh scout.


14. Who are three Hinchmans who played minor league baseball?

Grady Hinchman 2005-2007. Lenny Hinchman 1951-1956. Lew Hinchman 1933.


15. Who is the only Hinchman to have gone to Antarctica?

Norman Hinchman – a West Virginia native – spoke about his 1992 Antarctica experience during the 1993 Hinchman conference in Lewisburg, WV.


16. Who served forty-four years as a Christian missionary in Japan?

Dr. William L. “Bill” Hinchman, another West Virginia native, spoke about his years in Japan during a 1995 Hinchman Heritage Conference in Huntington, WV. Bill was appointed as a missionary to Japan in 1947 by the American Baptist Foreign Mission Society. His wife Nadine was appointed a year later.


17. Who are two Hinchmans to almost live to be 100 years old?

Melvyn Hinchman of Indiana 10-12-1909, 3-15-2010. Georgia Hinchman Hatfield of West Virginia 10-16-1886, 6-19-1987.


18. Who are Hinchman family members who have visited All Saints Fulham church in London, England in any year?

David F. and Hobey Hinchman, Jack and Linda Hinchman Clarkson, Norman and Nedra Hinchman, John and Betty Henchman, Robert Hinchman, Jr., Wavel Hinchman Webb.


19. Who was a professional football player?

Hubert Edward “Curley” Hinchman, b 1907 Illinois


20. Who is the doctor who dipped his patient into the icy waters of Peconic Bay?

Dr. Robert Hinchman. Ripley’s Believe It or Not.


21. Who was the founder and first president of the HHS?

Robert Hinchman, Jr. of West Virginia and Dallas, TX.


22. Who are two Hinchman brothers who lived in Cabell Co., WV in the late 1800s?

Adam and Wesley