Summer 2019 President’s Message

Summer 2019 President’s Message

President’s Message Summer of 2019


Greetings from the Hinchman clan in South Carolina! 

Many of you already know, but sadly, this year’s Hinchman Heritage Society business conference/reunion scheduled for June 26-30, was cancelled due to lack of participation.   Even after a last-minute effort through the HHS website, and personal contacts with recent attendees, only ten people were registered for the event.  I want to thank Ron and Sharon for the work they did in preparing for the conference. I am going to miss sharing birthday cake with Esther to celebrate her 104.5 years.

A lot of people in the HHS have done a lot of work to uncover our heritage in the past!  They discovered that we have a diverse family with a lot of interesting history.  We all fall somewhere between Humphrey Henchman, the Bishop of London, and William Anderson (Devil Anse) Hatfield!   We don’t need to let the genealogical and other work that Robert Hinchman and the rest of the founders of our organization go to waste!  We need to get together on a regular basis, to share and celebrate our individual uniqueness, and our common ancestry!

With that said, work is going on now for the 2020 event.  My initial thoughts are targeting the same weekend after Father’s Day, June 24-28.  I need your help though!  Please email me ideas of what needs to be done different to attract more people.  We essentially made the banquet meal free, if you attended the business meeting, and it only helped slightly.

                Do we need to pick another time of year?

                Is there a location that would be better?

                Would it be better to have the banquet at lunch on Saturday so some people could visit and eat and then return home that evening?

                Does the number of days need to change? We schedule 4 days but you can come for any amount of time that works for you.

                How do we attract some of the younger members of the family?

                How can we get some of our older members that don’t drive to the event?

                What activities would get you motivated to attend?

                What else would help?


Please sincerely think about these questions and email me ideas to:   [email protected]


We will communicate to everyone after the final plans are determined!


Tom Hinchman